Why You Should use a Serviced Office Broker

When you set out on your journey to find a new or alternative office space it’s easy to think that the process can be quick and simple. In the last ten years the number of flexible workspace providers has risen by 14%, helped by the rise of successful businesses like Wework, amongst others. Recent growth in London has been outpacing most of the rest of the UK, and with many providers also growing the number of locations they have on offer, the choice can feel a little overwhelming.

So why should you consider using a serviced office broker? Well, there are a few reasons to consider that will ensure you make the right decision for your business. Not least is the benefit of having someone on your side with no affiliation to any one serviced office provider.

Your Impartial Friend

So how do you know if you are getting the right deal? And how do you know if you haven’t cost yourself unnecessary expense? The simple answer to these questions is you just don’t know. So it’s vital to tap in to some impartial advice that allows you to evaluate each office option.

As you visit each potential office space, it can be difficult to make sure you ask the right questions and then weigh up the pro’s and con’s of each location. A serviced office broker is very experienced at doing this. We’ve done it thousands of times for a wide and diverse number of clients from all sorts of business sizes and types.

Market Knowledge That Helps

So you have a company to run. A day job, right? Researching the London or Birmingham office market for example is going to take time. Time that in most cases you just don’t have.

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Tapping in to the sort of market knowledge about a particular area that could save your business money and you a lot of time is available now. A good office broker knows about current office availability and office sizes that would suit your business. They also know what will be coming available in the near future and can point you in the right direction before anyone else see’s the space.

Comparing Locations is Never Easy

So why is one office space more expensive than another? It’s an important question. The answer however is not a simple one. There are many factors that influence the price of office space and possibly the biggest one is “location” (check out our recent blog “Office Location, Office Location, Office Locationfor more information).

A good office broker will talk to you about the facilities each office location has, the proximity to local transport links and what the local amenities are like that will add value for your employees.

Creating Your Ideal Shortlist

Time is precious so you can’t waste time you don’t have by looking at the wrong space. The shortlist facility is a great way to create your optimal list. It cuts out all the wrong options and lets you drill down to ensure the locations on your list have just what’s important to your business. And you haven’t had to talk to anyone yet.

Once you’ve created your shortlist an office broker can easily set up viewings and can manage the sales process on your behalf to get the best rate possible to meet your budget requirements.

Your Very Own Property Consultant for Free

Imagine having someone working for you to get you the best deal and the best office space for your business for free. When you buy a house the estate agent is often more on the side of the seller (vendor) than they are on yours. After all they are working for the seller not you. So it’s easy to understand why house buyers can often feel very alone in the buying process.

A serviced office broker working impartially is more concerned about getting you the right deal. Their service is free to the office buyer. So not only do you get lots of positive support at no cost, you also get unbiased advice on the entire market and not just what the providers want to you to see.

And Finally…

So to recap, a serviced office broker offers a free, impartial service that provides unbiased access to the entire office property market.  And the good news is, this service is available today. It’s easy to get started. Simply search by location, create your own shortlist or just get in touch and let us do the work for you. Just think of the time you will save.

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