Serviced Office space Shopping List

What should be on your Office Space Shopping List?

It’s fair to say choosing your first or next office space is up there with buying a house or new car when it comes to stress. The number of things to take in to consideration before you sign on the dotted line mean you need our office space shopping list.

But what are the key things to consider before you commit to that nice new office you just looked at? Well before we go any further we’d suggest doing your homework before you even take a look inside an office location. You could just be wasting your valuable time if you haven’t defined what is important to your business.

So what are the top office shopping list items you should tick off before you make that big office move?

Here is our serviced office space shopping list priority top six:

  1. Size Matters

One of the biggest benefits of serviced offices are that they can grow with your business. In the good times and not so good times, a serviced office can flex with the success of your business. It’s this ultimate flexibility that makes them such a good bet for a new or expanding business. In these uncertain times after the EU referendum, flexibility is going to be vital to ensure you don’t over commit to long leases.

  1. A Great Chair

Many people will tell you (and you’ve probably experienced it too) that a good chair pays dividends when it comes to employee well-being. We’ve all sat on hard and uncomfortable chairs over the years. Posture is highly important for people sat at a desk for eight hours every day. So a really great chair with excellent lumber support is a must. Test them out when you take a tour of any office space. Road testing the space should be a high priority. After all you could be working there. So it should be comfortable for you and your employees.

  1. Water Cooler Moments

It’s great to have an open plan office but some thought should be given to spaces that promote team interaction. We’ve all heard the typical examples of the meetings around the water cooler so try and create spaces for people to meet. A kitchen to make beverages or some soft seating creates spaces where employees can make calls and catch up with colleagues. However, it’s not always possible to have these areas in an office for just three or four people so make sure there are similar spaces located in the serviced office centre.

  1. How good is the Broadband?

We’re all connected 24/7 these days so it’s easy to just expect everywhere to provide good Wi-Fi or connected broadband. If you are a creative business upload speeds could be an important consideration so make sure you ask about bandwidth limits and charges for additional bandwidth. You certainly don’t want any unexpected surprises when you move in.

  1. Journey times

Who wants an overly long commute? In these days when flexibility in the workplace is an important consideration for people taking a job one of the vital things to consider when looking at office locations are the local transport links. The more options the better really. For example, if you look at Bank in the City of London, it boasts several mainline train stations within a ten minute walk, the Docklands Light Railway linking the area to Canary Wharf and the City Airport, five Tube lines and half a dozen bus services. It’s one of the reasons this location is highly desirable.

So check what’s available at the offices on your shortlist. We can advise you and you can always ask at each location. Some may even have car parks, but always ask if this is included or an additional charge.

  1. What’s for lunch?

It’s easy to think there will be somewhere close by to get lunch or even a local bar for after-work drinks. We would always suggest looking at the amenities in the local area. Some office locations have their own cafes and even a “sandwich man” or sandwich lady”. Never under estimate the many benefits that a choice of local shops, supermarkets and cafe’s provide for your employees.

This is just six of many things to consider. We could go on but our “office shopping list” will provide you with everything you need when you look at your next office. It’s also good if it’s your first office space too.


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