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Great Business first impressions with a Virtual Office

Many businesses working from home don’t realise they can take advantage of a great business address without the investment in a full time office. A virtual office can provide a vital and cost effective lifeline and go a long way to help create a professional first impression.

We often get asked when businesses should consider taking their first full time office space. The short answer is no two businesses are the same. By that we mean it’s usually determined by the growth of the business.

One thing however that isn’t determined by business growth is the immediate need to enhance the first impression created by your business.

So what are the main benefits of a virtual office? Firstly, let’s just take a moment to explain what a virtual office actually is.

An Introduction to a virtual office

Simply put a virtual office is a business address without a full time office space. You can use the business address on your business marketing to enhance how people see your company. Virtual offices can often include call answering and mail forwarding services.

Virtual office services vary widely from location to location so it’s always best to ask about the benefits of each one before you decide.

Here are the top benefits of a virtual office:

A Business Card that turns heads

What should be on your business card? It’s a valid question as there are now many things to consider. It’s not just telephone numbers and email addresses these days. Social media names are now included along with your website and even hashtags that help people find your business.

One of the most important pieces of information to include has to be your business address. It’s now easier than ever to find and even see your business address using Google maps. So what does it say about your business when a residential street appears?

Never miss another business call again

When you are busy developing your business and constantly on the go it’s not always possible to get to every telephone call, especially if you are on another call. So how can you stop this problem having an impact on your business?

Call answering services are a simple way to ensure you never miss another call again. So how does this work? Well it’s quite simple really. Serviced office business centres have receptionists answering calls to their office clients. This service is simply extended to businesses with a virtual office.

A place to call home

So you don’t have a full time office at your business address. That’s not a problem when you want to meet important new clients. You can book and use a meeting room at the location. So nobody will ever know you don’t have an office in the building.

Some locations have developed incredible communal workspaces which can be used either through a monthly membership or on a pay-as-you-go basis. These options provide a great deal of flexibility and allow you to control what you spend at a fraction of the cost of a full time office.

So to round up…

A virtual office provides a great deal of flexibility and value for any start-up. Providing a professional business image, it will be the first proper business address you will have. And the power of a great address should never be under estimated.

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