The top 6 places for coffee in London

Coffee has become a huge trend in the past few years. Especially now with social media, the art of coffee has completely taken over and we all want our lattes captured perfectly and beautifully on Instagram. The novelty of coffee is special and London is becoming a huge part of the epidemic.

Whether it’s the coffee, the atmosphere, or the actual shop design, the coffee shop industry in London is growing and there are some absolute gems to visit for your daily intake! Not only this, new recipes are also being introduced into the coffee world. Healthy ‘Matcha lattes’ are making a huge entrance (although a green tea) and coffee is being served in more than just cups!

So, here are our top 6 places for coffee in London!

  1. Look mum, no hands!

    From the outside a bike/cycle shop, in the inside a lovely and quirky place to enjoy your coffee! They also do some awesome food if you are feeling a little peckish!Coffee

  2. Kaffeine:

    The reviews speak for themselves: ‘Top Notch’ ‘Coffee Hideout’ ‘Place For Coffee Addicts’ ‘Best Cortado Outside Spain’Coffee

  3. Prufock:

    Also a coffee school in Clerkenwell, Prufock has a brew bar giving customers the chance to engage with baristas who choose the best coffees of the week for you to sample!Coffee

  4. Shoreditch Grind:

    Music, atmosphere, friendly waiters and amazing coffee. Alongside a lovely and healthy breakfast menu and cocktails! Amazing outside area for the summer too.Coffee

  5. Monmouth:

    ‘World Famous Gourmet Coffee’ With coffee from all around the world and not at an expensive price, this place is extremely popular and located in borough Market.Coffee

  6. The Good Life Eatery:

    Healthy food, juices, smoothies, coffee and Matcha lattes. The ultimate healthy foodie’s dream!Coffee

Feel free to leave comments and let us know your recommendations for the best spots in London.

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