The rise and rise of Co-working

Co-working involves working with and alongside others. There is an abundant amount of reasons for why that’s helpful. Being around like-minded people inspires you to be creative, and focus. Plus, it’s encouraging to know there are others in the same boat as you. All of them – working on something that’s important to them.

Picture yourself working on your business in your home office. You begin well, but after a while you start to lose motivation. Eventually, you get distracted and start doing something else. That’s the reality for many people. Especially if they’re working from home, or even at a public place like a coffee shop. That’s why co-working has become more popular. It disables distractions, and enables innovation.
How many times have you been at work on a project, and stumbled upon a mental block? It’s probably happened quite a few times… Co-working helps to alleviate those problems. Community helps everyone feel connected, and bearing that in mind, you’re able to work with more industry and attention.

By working in a shared office space, with like-minded people, you automatically get into work mode. You don’t even have to be working on the same project. Any lingering feeling you have of not working is diminished quickly. After all, everyone around you will be working on their business, and that creates a social pressure. One that’s only going to help you and your business grow. In fact some of the fastest growing companies have emerged from Co-working spaces.
In short, co-working spaces in serviced office spaces enable you to get your work done. Additionally, they propel you to work in the most effective and efficient way you know you can. You’ll be paying a price to rent the space – so you’ll want to use your time as well as you can.

Additionally, serviced offices allow you to create new connections, network, and learn from other professionals. A convergence between people with different skill-sets creates a hive of ideas and productivity. You can bounce ideas off other people, and pick up certain bits of information, potentially huge in value. For these reasons, shared work spaces have been attracting a huge amount of freelance workers and business people from all industries.

Cloud computing and mobile technology has helped push this change in the industry. The conventional office will still be a foundation for co-operations and businesses. However, for start-ups and entrepreneurs, a cheaper solution in the form of serviced offices has opened up. Co-working is the side effect of that change. Businesses have followed suit, by allowing their employees to work from remote locations, creating more flexibility for employees and a more mobile economy for the world. This has created a boom in the number of Co-work spaces that are now available across the UK. Co-working is definitely here to stay.

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