Office Chair: How to Reduce Back Pain?

A comfortable workspace can help you feel your best and make you more productive.  Is it time to give your desk a makeover?


Sitting in an office chair for between 4-8 hours a day can definitely cause low back pain or worsen any existing back problem. The main reason behind this is that sitting, in an office chair or in general, is a static posture that increases stress in the back, shoulders, arms, and legs, and can add pressure to the back muscles

A few simple tips to implement today include:

  • Push your hips as far back as they can go in the chair.
  • Adjust the seat height so your feet are flat on the floor and your knees equal to, or slightly lower than, your hips.
  • Adjust the back of the chair to a 100°-110° reclined angle.Make sure your upper and lower back are supported. Use inflatable cushions or small pillows if necessary. If you have an active back mechanism on your chair, use it to make frequent position changes.
  • Adjust the armrests (if fitted) so that your shoulders are relaxed.If your armrests are in the way, remove them.


Many of us have sat on our sofa’s at home for hours on end without any problems over the years so why does it matter sitting on the right chair at work?  On average we will work at 5 different companies in our work lifetime.  Each office will have a different culture, lighting, desk size, computer, chair and expectations that all take a toll on your mental and physical ability.

Whether you are starting your first job at 18 years old or close to retiring this article applies to everyone. As we know our bodies are all different so if one person doesn’t suffer any ergonomic issues in your office it doesn’t mean you won’t.

We spend the majority of our time at work or behind a desk so it’s important to look after yourself.  The media have made us realise the importance of eating well at work and if we don’t take a lunch break then to make sure we eat well at our desk.  Historically you would have taken an hour’s lunch break but with the ever growing trend of eating at your desk you are spending on average an extra 5 hours a week sitting down eating.

Even at the point of writing this blog we are fully aware we aren’t sitting in the right position and are 100% guilty of making the above mistakes.  Ask yourself a simple question today.  Do I sit like the ergonomic images suggest?  If not what can I do to make a small change?

Other factors that contribute to an incorrect position are computer height, keyword access, foot rests, screen glare, heat from computers, food, home environment and more.

Loc8 Commercial are by no means health or body experts but as we are experts in helping you find the right office space, we also want to take responsibility in making sure you are comfortable in your new office which starts with the chair.

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