Working Day

Nine ways to be active during the working day

If you’ve been chained to your desk since you arrived at work this morning then you’re not alone, as new research suggests 37% of men and 45% of women spend less than 30 minutes of their working day on their feet.

As well as having some form of physical activity outside of work, office workers can also make some small changes to their daily behaviour to gain much needed movement.

Working Day

Integrate walking into your commute

Most office workers don’t have the luxury of living close to their office, therefore walking to work is not always a viable option. If you are using the tube, then aim to walk to the station if it is within a manageable distance and try to get off one stop earlier, to gain a short walk. You should find your working day is more productive.

Avoid lifts and escalators

It can be a difficult habit to break out of if you have become accustomed to using lifts and escalators at work but opt to use the stairs instead. You may feel it is pointless but every step counts as your body is benefitting from the valuable movement. Getting your blood flowing during your working day is vital.

Get your own coffee

Instead of getting someone else to get your coffee, tea or smoothie for you; take the initiative to get up and get it yourself. It will provide you with a short burst of fresh air.

Get up every hour

Instead of sitting at your desk for a long period of time, attempt to get away from your desk every hour. This doesn’t mean going outside to take a long walk, simply stroll around the office or go and get a glass of water to hydrate yourself.

Use your lunch hour

Instead of eating or working through lunch at your desk, use the opportunity to be active. Going for a short or long walk will not only clear your mind from any work-related stress but give you time to re-energise for the afternoon. Additionally, organise a group of colleagues to go on a walk with.

Do Chair exercise at your desk

You’ve been wanting to tone your arms for the summer, why not start in the office? When you need a break, do a few reps of chair sits. You can even alternate between chair exercises and push ups!

Fidget when you work

Small movements and quick exercise breaks add up, especially in a sedentary work place, so challenge yourself to stand, stretch or even tap a foot to bring motion into otherwise still parts of your day. Just remember to keep it professional!

Get a ball

When you are sitting, swap your desk chair for an exercise ball for 20-30 minute spurts. While a chair does all the work for you, an exercise ball requires core strength to retain your posture and balance, resulting in a contribution to your muscle tone of your core, hip and leg muscles.

Take walking meetings

Anytime you have a phone call or an in-person meeting that doesn’t require the use of a computer, you should make a point to turn it into a walking meeting. Or even just pace up and down while on the phone or on a conference call.

What are your favourite ways to stay active during your 9-5?

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