Celebrating Pride as a Business

What is Pride?

Pride is a huge LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) celebration that takes place yearly in many different countries across the world. It doesn’t matter how you identify, pride should be celebrated by everyone! It celebrates love and diversity amongst people. This year is the 50th year Pride has been celebrated in the UK. Things have changed a lot over the years, we are now seeing a greater representation of LGBTQ+ people in our communities. Pride nowadays is streets adorned with rainbow flags and parties, but it wasn’t always like this.

The origin of Pride

In the 1960’s and the decades leading up to it, LGBTQ+ people were not treated fairly, both from homophobic individuals and the government creating homophobic laws. Due to the unwelcoming nature of the time, a lot of LGBTQ+ people created their own safe spaces within gay bars/clubs. At the time these spaces were some of the only places LGBTQ+ people could freely express themselves. Many of these places were raided by the police as they argued that when LGBTQ+ people were together it was “disorderly”.  Pride began as a political response to a 1969 police raid in a New York pub, ‘Stonewall Inn’ that many LGBTQ+ people went to. 13 people were arrested that morning 28th June. This then lead to the Stonewall Riots. These Riots began to change the rights of gay people.

Why Pride is important to celebrate in your workplace?

Creating a workplace environment that is accepting and safe is important for the wellbeing of employees and everyone who comes across your business. It shows people they are welcome and makes people feel connected.  One of the things that is a great indicator of being an inclusive workplace is through editing your email signature to add in your pronouns, (e.g. she/her, they/them, he/him).

Ways you and your business can celebrate Pride this year:

  • listen to a LGBTQ+ podcast (I recommend ‘The Log Books, untold stories from Britain’s LGBTQ+ history’)
  • create a plan to ensure your business is LGBTQ+ inclusive all year round (not just during Pride month)
  • go to a Queer/Trans art exhibition
  • support Queer businesses
  • speak up and be vocal about your allyship
  • go to a LGBTQ+ activist gathering/march
  • educate yourself on Queer history, perhaps by watching a documentary


Have a very happy Pride!