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It’s September! Back to Work is a little like Back to School

That’s it the summer is a distant memory and you have to get yourself in work mode again. Remind you of something? Well the “back to work” period is a little like “back to school” isn’t it? An early night and shoes to polish for the first day back!

In truth the “back to work” process in September is one of the most important periods in the business calendar. So with most of the team energised after their summer holidays it’s a great opportunity to harness the positivity in the office.

A tidy office

The quieter period over the summer months can provide an ideal time to spring clean the office. Public areas can benefit from a lick of fresh paint and carpets can even get a deep clean from all that heavy traffic from the previous winter and wet months in the spring.

When the team returns they will really appreciate the improvements to the office. With tidy communal spaces, clean kitchens and a fresh working environment, teams will feel revitalised for the busy months ahead.

Back to Work News and updates

September is an important month to make sure teams are well informed and reminded about targets and the business strategy. Any target shortfalls over the summer need to be communicated to make sure everyone knows what the autumn and winter objectives are.

Notice boards can be updated with fresh content to ensure everyone is up to speed.

Re-contacting those old leads

After what can be months of radio silence it’s important to prioritise time to re-contact old or lapsed leads and not just the new ones coming in as everyone returns to work and things get busy. Therefore, communication is vital to ensure teams understand the importance of the older leads but also to prioritise the new ones too.

Re-energising your marketing

The post summer holiday period is a good time to make changes to your Adwords campaigns. Refresh your online adverts and add new content to your website to engage new visitors. This will require some planning but the quieter months during the summer holidays are a good time to make the changes your business needs.

And finally…

Remember to polish those shoes. A good first impression in business is just like that first day back at school.

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Stephen Moore is a writer and marketing consultant supporting businesses in the commercial property sector. Find out more about Stephen at Google+.

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