10 Start-Ups – Watch this space

10 Start-ups to watch out for in 2017, Could they float on the stock market too?

Start-up businesses by new and serial entrepreneurs are one of the most exciting things happening to our business economy. We have seen a huge rise in new companies forming over the past couple of years. Most aim to keep their overheads low and often launch from the comforts of their own home or coffee shops.


Most start-ups are self-funded but a lucky few are heavily backed meaning they can grow from a bedroom business to having a global presence in no time.

Start-ups used to mainly appear in industries like Tech, Media, Product and Fashion but we are seeing a pattern towards Property, Finance, Education and Healthcare.  The rise of Virtual Reality, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Wearable tech, Automation and mobile means that these industries are growing quicker than ever before.

Start-Up Spotify

It’s easy to be intimidated by bleak statistics where 8/10 start-ups fail in the first 18 months.  This is evident in the lack of start-ups that IPO in 2016 but we expect a huge number of new start-ups to go public. Who could they be?

1.    AppDynamics

2.    Snapchat

3.    HotelTonight

4.    Spotify

5.    Qualtrics

6.    Cloudera

7.    Dropbox

8.    Blue Apron

9.    Stich Fix

10. Airbnb

It’s public knowledge that AppDynamics and Snapchat have already filed to go public this year and we are confident of many more.



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